Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Testing (PoCT), or Near Point Testing is laboratory tests and analysis performed in a clinical setting outside the laboratory in various wards, departments and clinics. These tests are performed by non-laboratory healthcare professionals.

As PoCT is performed close to the patient the results are available more quickly than for samples that have to be sent to the laboratory and this can have significant benefits to patient pathways and subsequent treatments. PoCT is also used in day case and outpatient clinics to improve efficiencies and reduce patient waiting times.

A result of the consolidation of Pathology Services across the Hospital Trusts South of Tyne and Wear was the formation of a multi-disciplinary Point of Care team that would manage all near patient testing across the region. This includes services in the following locations:

The Point of Care team also support services in the community, including community nursing and dental services.

Prior to the consolidation Point of Care provision by was variable across the three Trusts and it is the aim of Pathology to offer an equitable service across the whole South of Tyne region. This includes both current existing services and future change.

Aims of the service

The aims of the Point of Care Services across SoTW are: