Pathology IT

Pathology IT provides comprehensive customer focused support for the three Pathology laboratories and their service users.

Areas covered by the team include, but are not limited to, the provision of support for the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), analysers & associated data managers, ICE Desktop and Pathology GP electronic messaging across the South of Tyne area.

To raise a support call with Pathology IT either email
or telephone:  0191 445 6504, our dedicated team is available Monday to Friday during core hours.

Press for User Access Forms

Application Support Guides

Raising an Electronic Order through MEDITECH Order Management – Quick Guide
Raising an Electronic Order through Sunquest ICE – Quick Guide
South Tyneside Phlebotomy Collection – Quick Guide

Printer Support Guides

Setting up a Zebra ZD410 Printer for ICE Labels


From 15th June 2022 support for Internet Explorer 11 will cease, as such there will be a requirement for Windows 10 users to move to using Microsoft Edge for web browsing. For Primary HPV ICE to operate within Edge it is necessary to make a configuration change to your setup.
The current version of ICE used for Primary HPV requesting allows user access via Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and via Microsoft Edge running in compatibility mode. Your IT provider/department will need to configure group policy to allow the following URL to run in Internet Explorer mode within Edge by default.

Additional information is available:

*** Should your IT provider/Trust set Edge as the default web browser you will no longer be able to access HPV ICE unless the URL is configured to run in IE mode of Edge ***