Test Lookup Guidance Notes

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Storage Timeframes below are for guidance only and are developed alonside RCPath guidelines.  Please contact the relevant department for further advice.

Haematology – 1 day (Stability limited for coagulation to 8 hours)

Biochemistry –  3 days

Immunology – 1 month

Microbiology – Dependant on sample type;    Wounds, swabs, urines, sputum, faeces – 1 week,  Tissues and Fluids – 2 months,  Routine bloods – approx. 2 weeks

A - Z of Tests

Code Test Name / Profile Department
NMDA N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibodies / NMDAR - Referral Immunology view test
NOSE_SWAB Nasal Swab (C&S) Microbiology view test
RB Naso Pharyngeal Secretions Culture Microbiology view test
VIHOLD Needlestick injury Microbiology view test
GB Neonatal Infection Screen Microbiology view test
AQUA Neuromyelitis Optica IgG Antibodies/Aquaporin 4 Antibodies/NMO - Referral Test Immunology view test
PARP Neuronal Antibody Profile (AMPHIPHYSIN, CV2.1, PNMA2 [Ma2/Ta], RI, YO, Hu, SOX1, GAD65, Tr, ZIC4) Immunology view test
NEUTS Neutrophils (part of FBC profile) Haematology view test
GB Non-surgical Wound swab Microbiology view test
NRBC Nucleated Red Blood Cells (part of FBC profile) Haematology view test
FX1 Nut Mix 1 RAST Immunology view test
FX22 Nut Mix 2 RAST Immunology view test