Test Lookup Guidance Notes

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Storage Timeframes below are for guidance only and are developed alonside RCPath guidelines.  Please contact the relevant department for further advice.

Haematology – 1 day (Stability limited for coagulation to 8 hours)

Biochemistry –  3 days

Immunology – 1 month

Microbiology – Dependant on sample type;    Wounds, swabs, urines, sputum, faeces – 1 week,  Tissues and Fluids – 2 months,  Routine bloods – approx. 2 weeks

A - Z of Tests

Code Test Name / Profile Department
HD H.Ducreyi culture Microbiology view test
F42 Haddock RAST Immunology view test
HFE Haemachromatosis Genotype Haematology view test
HCT Haematocrit (part of FBC profile) Haematology view test
HGB Haemoglobin (part of FBC profile) Haematology view test
FOQ - Family Origin Questionnaire (request includes Full Blood Count) Haemoglobinopathy - Antenatal booking patients Haematology view test
HBO Haemoglobinopathy Screen Haematology view test
HBOPART - Haemoglobinopathy Screen Partner Test (request includes Full Blood Count) Haemoglobinopathy Screen - Antenatal Partner Screening Haematology view test
HIB Haemophilis antibodies Immunology view test
HIB Haemophilus Influenzae B (HiB Antibodies, Functional Antibodies). Immunology view test
E84 Hamster Epithelium RAST Immunology view test
HANT Hantavirus Serology Microbiology view test
F17 Hazel Nut RAST Immunology view test
HBA1C HbA1c Biochemistry view test
HBVR HBV Resistance Profile Microbiology view test
HCG hCG (Beta hCG) Biochemistry view test
HDM2 HDM D.F. Variety Immunology view test
HELAB Helicobacter pylori antibodies Microbiology view test
HELAG Helicobacter pylori Antigen (Faeces) Microbiology view test
HAG Hep A IgG Antibody Microbiology view test
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