Test Lookup Guidance Notes

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Storage Timeframes below are for guidance only and are developed alonside RCPath guidelines.  Please contact the relevant department for further advice.

Haematology – 1 day (Stability limited for coagulation to 8 hours)

Biochemistry –  3 days

Immunology – 1 month

Microbiology – Dependant on sample type;    Wounds, swabs, urines, sputum, faeces – 1 week,  Tissues and Fluids – 2 months,  Routine bloods – approx. 2 weeks

A - Z of Tests

Code Test Name / Profile Department
TCR T-Cell Re-arrangement /Clonality Haematology view test
SYPP T. pallidum and H. ducreyi PCR Swab Microbiology view test
TAC Tacrolimus Biochemistry view test
TEST Testosterone Biochemistry view test
TET Tetanus Antibodies (Functional Antibodies) Immunology view test
THEO Theophylline Biochemistry view test
THROAT_SW Throat Swab (C&S) Microbiology view test
TT Thrombin Time Haematology view test
TS Thrombophilia Screen Haematology view test
TSH Thyroid Function Tests - TFT/TSH Biochemistry view test
TBII Thyroid Stimulating Antibodies - TBII/TRAb Biochemistry view test
G6 Timothy Grass Pollen RAST Immunology view test
TTGA Tissue Transglutaminase (IgG and IgA) TTG Immunology view test
F25 Tomato RAST Immunology view test
TORCH Torch Screen Microbiology view test
IGE Total Ige RAST Immunology view test
TP Total Protein Biochemistry view test
TOXC Toxocara Serology Microbiology view test
TOXP Toxoplasma Serology Microbiology view test
TX8 Tree Pollon Mix Immunology view test
1 2